Violations & Maintenance



The rate of violations is going up as more and more fire inspectors get hired by the NYC Fire Department; likewise, fire marshals throughout Nassau and Suffolk county are enforcing their codes more strictly. We provide preventative and corrective measures of all fire sprinkler violations quickly and easily, giving you a high level of service at a low cost. Our team of 75 pipefitters, foremen & project managers are on standby to fix any issue that would put you or you at risk of violations, which allows us to get in quickly with the proper know-how.


Have a broken pipe? Do your pump drains need to be cleared out? Have a dry valve alert or need to replace gauges? Protect your property through consistent maintenance work that keeps everything running smoothly. Whether a big or small job, we can get on the site quickly with trained foremen and pipefitters to keep your fire sprinkler system in top notch condition.

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