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WElcome to metro fire

Metro Fire Protection was founded in 2011 in a small office on Long Island equipped with little more than our knowledge and expertise in the fire sprinkler business. These skills allowed us to immediately offer design, installation and testing services; covering throughout all phases of your projects. Ranging from single story retrofits to core-and-shell projects complete with fire pumps, standpipe and both wet and dry sprinkler systems. We believe that a successful installation is not just one that is fast and affordable, but also one that provides optimal safety and reliability for the future tenants or residences at our installed locations.

We combine our experience with opportunistic advancements in fire protection technology that allow for more effective installation without ever sacrificing the overall safety of a fire protection system. Thanks to these attributes and the incredible work of our staff, we have quickly ascended to become one of the leading fire sprinkler installation companies in the greater New York area.

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Take advantage of over 1,000 successful jobs & 30 years of sprinkler installation; bringing the best staff and technology in the industry.

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Reduce your risk of violations or fines while protecting your assets using our highly skilled team of inspectors & pipefitters.

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Complete prevent costly fines and violation fees by keeping your system in tip top shape through ongoing corrective work.

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